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Drums & Rotors

Mighty's System XL Drums and Rotors are sourced from the world's leading producers of high-quality brake parts. They come ready to install, "out of the box...onto the car."

  • Manufacturing facilities are ISO9000 certified and provide quality inspections throughout production.
  • Adherence to O.E. G3000/SAE J431 standards for maximum rotor life.
  • Rotors are finished, balanced and measured for lateral run-out and thickness variation.
  • No turning required.
  • Ultra smooth brake rotor surface reduces pad squeal and maximizes pad life.
  • Heat dam, when specified by O.E., insulates wheel bearing against excessive temperatures.
  • Hub hole chamfers match O.E. design to ensure a precise fit.
  • O.E.M. design ABS sensor ring is a key safety feature of Mighty System XL Rotors.
  • Cooling fins match O.E. configurations to ensure proper brake system performance.


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