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Fuel System Cleaner

Fuel System Cleaner

Fuel Injector Cleaner - FL135

Mighty VS7 Fuel System Cleaner is a detergent/dispersant formula designed to rapidly clean deposits in the fuel system. This product contains no alcohol that could harm certain fuel injectors. It removes harmful carbon and varnish deposits that can lead to poor performance.


  • Cleans injectors, carburetor, fuel lines and fuel pump with one application
  •  Helps prevent fuel system and valve deposits that can cause poor performance
  • Will not harm the oxygen sensor
  • Helps eliminate catalytic converter "rotten egg" smell
  • Helps stop engine "after-run"


After 4,000 to 5,000 miles of driving, the modern fuel injection systems often lose their responsiveness due to the accumulation of fuel-related deposits. These deposits usually lead to driveability problems such as surging, stalling, hesitation, loss of power and a decrease in fuel economy. Mighty VS7 Fuel System Cleaner removes these deposits quickly and easily, helping maintain the vehicle in it's original equipment performance specifications.

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