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Fusion FSC

Fusion FSC

Fusion FSC - SB500  
The ultimate two step fuel system cleaning service.

Step One - SB300

Mighty VS7 Total Intake System Cleaner with advanced SYNTEUM-FI Technology(TM) provides complete intake system cleaning by safely and effectively removing carbon build-up, cleaning the upper engine and intake systems from the plenum to the catalytic converter. For diesel or gas engines.


Eliminates hydrostatic engine lock

Removes carbon deposits

Cleans intake valve seats and compression chambers

Reduces emissions

Cleans oxygen sensors

Helps return compression to factory levels

Step Two - SB304

Syntramax(TM) Complete Fuel System Cleaner is a gasoline tank additive that provides the maximum in fuel system cleaning by removing fuel-related deposits in modern fuel injection systems. It also helps reduce the need for high octane fuel, helping to maintain the vehicle in it's original equipment performance specifications.


  • PEA formulation
  • Cleans fuel and combustion systems
  • Cleans fuel injectors/carburetors
  • Cleans emission control system components
  • Reduces HC, NOx and CO emissions
  • Cleans engine combustion chamber and intake valves
  • Catalytic converter and oxygen sensor safe
  • Reduces hesitation, surging and stalling
  • Helps maintain fuel mileage
  • Cleans complete fuel system in just one tank
  • Treats up to 18 gallons of fuel
  • Helps pass emissions testing

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