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Induction Kit

Induction Kit

Induction Kit - FL116

Mighty VS7 Induction Kit is a professional three-step process to thoroughly clean and revitalize an engine. Step 1 utilizes Mighty VS7 Supreme Fuel System Cleaner to clean fuel injectors and intake valves. Step 2 utilizes Mighty VS7 Foaming Throttle Plate Cleaner to clean both sides of the throttle plate. Step 3 utilizes Mighty VS7 Top Engine Cleaner to remove deposits on intake valves and piston rings.


  • Helps maintain fuel mileage
  • Helps pass emissions test by reducing hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and nitrogen levels
  • Designed for carbureted or fuel injected engines


Helps maintain the vehicle in it's original equipment performance specifications. A decrease in emissions will follow after all of the chemical has been evacuated.

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