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Power 2D - Diesel Engines

Power 2D - Diesel Engines

Power 2D - For Diesel Engines - SB400

Mighty VS7 Power 2D cleans the total fuel system, including intake valve seats, compression chambers, fuel injectors and fuel lines in two easy steps. Power 2D helps return compression to factory levels increasing power and performance while protecting against carbon build-up and reducing emissions.

Step One

Mighty VS7 Total Intake Cleaner provides complete intake and upper engine system cleaning utilizing advanced SYNTEUM-FI™ Technology. The unique aerosol applicator simplifies application through the vehicle's air intake system.

Step Two

Mighty VS7 Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner cleans injectors, conditions seals, increases fuel stability, stops power loss and disperses water in diesel fuel systems, protecting against oxidation and corrosion, passing the multiple Cummins L10 Test with a superior rating.

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