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Penetrating Oil

Penetrating Oil

Penetrating Oil - MN105   

Mighty VS7 Penetrating Oil is a combination of penetrating lubricants, rust and corrosion inhibitors and special solvents. It helps quickly remove and penetrate rust, grime, grease and similar substances. Special lubricants also ease the removal of frozen parts.


  • Penetrates quickly to loosen frozen fasteners
  • Minimizes "elbow grease"
  • Lessens labor time on "stuck" fasteners and bolts
  • Leaves behind a protective film that helps prevent further corrosion


Mighty VS7 Penetrating Oil is a technician's helper by reducing the time and effort spent on a variety of problems found in shop conditions. It is an excellent general shop lubricant and the corrosion inhibitors help to prevent further problems.


Ask your Mighty Representative for more information about our product offering.