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Silicone Spray

Silicone Spray

Silicone Spray - MN106

Specially designed to reduce friction between non-metal parts, the aerosol Mighty VS7 Silicone Spray also contains rust and corrosion inhibitors for long-term protection.


  • Dries to a colorless, clean, clear film
  • Eliminates unwanted noise
  • Reduces friction
  • Prevents cracking of rubber material and extends rubber life
  • Ensures the ease of operation of sticking parts


Mighty VS7 Silicone Spray is a versitile shop tool used as a lubricant for non-metal and metal-to-plastic parts. Primarily used in preparation of door and window molding, vinyl seats and other plastic parts on new and used cars, this product also allows for easy operation of windows, doors and other devices which frequently bind or are hard to operate.


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