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Inventory Management

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Mighty representatives deliver more than parts.  Trained to manage your inventory, the goal of your Mighty Rep is to give you more time to service your customers and run your business.  We don't just take orders and drop them off.  We analyze your inventory turns and make sure you have the right amount of the parts you need while eliminating the parts you don't.  Then, we organize your backroom so that you never have to waste time searching for the parts you need again.  

Mighty ProfitWatch®

To meet the growing challenge of parts proliferation, you need a stocking program that is set-up right from the start and then consistently maintained.  Our exclusive Mighty ProfitWatch is a proven three-step system that considers regional product movement to pinpoint the correct stocking inventory for your business, and eliminate the overstocked and obsolete products.

1. Inventory Close-Up is an in-depth analysis of your current inventory, including total dollars on hand and annual inventory turns.

2. Inventory Clean-Up provides you with solution alternatives to correct overstock, understock and out-of-stock situations.

3. Inventory Watch is on-going maintenance by your local Mighty representative. Your inventory levels are monitored and adjusted as needed.  The result is 100% obsolescence protection- guaranteed!

The Mighty Strip and Tag System

Our Strip and Tag labeling system features a barcode for easy re-ordering and a box to note the stocking level, allowing your Mighty rep to more efficiently manage your parts inventory.  An array of Mighty cabinets and shelving are customized for your shop, allowing technicians to find parts quickly and easily.

Information Systems for Inventory Tracking

Mighty's computerized inventory tracking system uses mobile devices to collect orders and monitor inventory movement.  This allows stocking inventories to be customized by area demand to ensure maximum inventory turns and fewer lost sales.  Computer usage reports are reviewed regularly to determine what inventory adjustments need to be made to keep your stock working hard for you month after month, year after year.

Mighty's inventory specialists are available to maximize the return on your inventory investment.  Contact your local Mighty Rep for information customized to your business.