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Our Services : Lifetime Protection Program

VS7 Lifetime Protection Program

Mighty offers a FREE sales tool to help our retailers grow their Preventative Maintenance sales and keep their customers coming back for required, regular maintenance.

This program offers the end consumer:

  • Confidence that the Mighty VS7 products being used as part of PM services on their vehicles are top quality.
  • Peace of mind; knowing that if they maintain their vehicles as required, and there is a failure of a covered part, there is "insurance" to cover the repairs needed.

Here's how the program works:

This Program provides added benefi ts when services using specifi ed Mighty VS7® products are purchased. All services must be performed by an automotive service professional using Mighty approved maintenance procedures and Mighty products and equipment.


The amount of coverage is determined by the mileage of the vehicle at the time of the initial service as shown below. There is also a 500-mile grace period on each plan. After the initial service, there is a 60-day OR 750-mile waiting period.

Vehicle Mileage: 0-50,000 miles                 Coverage Amount: $4,000 / $6,000*

Vehicle Mileage: 50,0001-100,000 miles    Coverage Amount: $2,000 / $3,000*

*Higher coverage amounts ONLY  for Engine System AND ONLY if ALL oil changes performed with either Engine Guard full-synthetic motor oil OR Royal Purple full synthetic motor oil AND a Mighty MAX oil filter.


VS7 products to use to keep the program in force:*

  • Engine (Gasoline only):
    • Cleaner (OL105 or OL106), Additive (OL102 or OL103)
    • Cleaner (OL105 or OL106) 
  • Fuel
    • Gasoline: FL116 or SB450 or SB500
    • Diesel: SB400
  • Brakes: BK104 or BK105 or BK106 or BK107 or BK108
  • Cooling: VS7® Coolant & Conditioner Kit CL108 (which includes CL103 and CL104)
  • Differential: SB106 or TR110
  • Power Steering: (SB105 and PS102 or PS103 or PS112 of PS113) OR (SB120 or PS115 and PS111) 
  • Transmission (Automatic): SB100 and manufacturer approved ATF like TR120 or TR200
  • Transmission (CVT): SB202

* See program statement for complete details (VS7LPP)

Contact your local Mighty Rep for complete details of the VS7 Lifetime Protection Program today!