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Auto Mechanic Computer

At Mighty we specialize in selling auto parts, not software programs.   We think you should be able to choose the software program that works best for your business and not be locked in to a proprietary system that only works with our parts.  We share our catalog information using the latest industry standards and provide a variety of options for connecting and viewing our product information, either through our award winning MIC catalog or through integration within your shop system.


A list of companies and systems that our customers use includes:

ASA Automotive Systems, Inc.

Auto Data

Automotive Visions, Inc. – Take Charge

eGenuity  - eLube

Integrated Services, Inc.

Janco International, Inc.

Meineke’s Mkey System

Mitchell 1

PM Attendant

R.O. Writer

Sage Microsystems


The above list is only a small sample.  There are many other systems that also accommodate Mighty parts very well.  If you have questions or concerns about using Mighty parts with the computer system in your shop, please contact us and we will be happy to provide information regarding connectivity and cataloging options for your particular system.

For more information on the Mighty Friendly Software Partners program, contact Mark Spruill at MOA.