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Your tech central membership provides you with exclusive access to a number of online tools such as our automotive sales service inspection support tool (assist mobile app), and our custom vehicle inspection form tool, and more!



"Automotive Sales Service Inspection Support Tool"

ASSIST is Mighty's newest tool to help present your preventive maintenance service options and increase sales! It's Custom Vehicle Inspection Form two main features are:

  1.   Menu of Automotive Services
  2.  Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Content can be customized and be used to communicate and educate customers on the condition of their vehicles as well as applicable services offered by the participating service facility.



Custom Vehicle Inspection Form

Mighty's CVIF is another exciting tool to update your vehicle inspection form. All copy, including headings and descriptions are completely customizable.

Online Tools Mighty Pros

The Mighty PROS

The Mighty PROS is a custom Mighty magazine that is published three to four times per year.

The PROS' content consists of interesting articles relevant to challenges faced by today's repair shop owner, as well as photos, eye-catching graphics and technical information. 

Online Tools Tech Library

Tech Library

Over the years Mighty has produced and written many helpful tech tips, articles and other valuable information for our customers. Now this vast library is available on Tech Central, including...

  • Tech Tips - Get "under the hood" specifics with the latest information geared to technicians
  • On the Line - Real world solutions for the automotive professional
  • Gmmee a Brake - All things brake-related written by industry experts
  • Fluid Maintenance - Straight talk about fluid services and their role in preventative maintenance

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Tech Insider

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