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Vehicle Inspection Playbook

Increase your sales opportunities up to 50%

with Mighty's FREE Vehicle Inspection Playbook eBook!

When Mighty automotive aftermarket veterans Gary Vann and Mike Hudgins realized that nation-wide, the fundamental vehicle inspection was seriously under-utilized, they set out on a mission.

The result is the Vehicle Inspection Playbook- full of practical methods, tips and success stories geared to improve your Preventive Maintenance market share.

What is inside this eBook:

  • FACTS on what your vehicle inspections will likely find. Share these with your team to help sell and motivate them.

  • COMMON MYTHS and objections you have probably heard.

  • 15 "plays" TO IMPROVE your inspection program including specific techniques to address common problems such as: How to ensure that techs don't routinely check off items without actually inspecting them.

  • How to make sure that your inspectors are not overselling.

  • How to have a consistent program at multiple locations.

  • The PERFECT INSPECTION FORM— ideas to make it better.