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Tech Tip 0179

Troubleshooting Noise and Vibration: Pinpointing the Source Can Be Elusive

Tech Tip #179

Troubleshooting noises and vibrations can be a challenge, even for the most experienced technician. Our training has taught us to take some basic steps or procedures to identify and resolve these issues, but when these techniques fail, how do you handle the customer’s complaint? Repeating the same diagnostics or repairs...

Tech Tip 0178

Hub Bearings And Sensors: When They Fail the Symptoms Can Be Elusive

Tech Tip #178

When a hub bearing or wheel speed sensor failure occurs, the symptoms may involve a noise related complaint, illuminated malfunction indicator lamps, antilock brake related symptoms, traction control issues, or even transmission related symptoms. Following a transmission  replacement...

Tech Tip 0177

Passenger Compartment Ventilation: Eliminating Musty Odors

Tech Tip #177

Eliminating the musty odors or that refrigerator smell can be a challenge. The first ourse of action should involve a complete inspection to determine the source of the foul odors. Deodorizers are usually just a short term solution that results in a recurring condition. Some... 

Tech Tip 0176

Air Filters and Housings: The System Must Be Properly Sealed

Tech Tip #176

Performing an air filter inspection is a key part of the vehicle inspection process. A contaminated or improperly sealed air filter can have a major impact on the performance of the engine, its longevity, or damage to costly electronic sensors. In addition to inspecting the air filter for...

Tech Tip 0176

Excessive Oil Consumption: The Condition Could Be Factory Induced

Tech Tip #175

Dealing with a customer who has been told that the excessive oil consumption with his vehicle is due to the oil filter and the lubricant that you installed can be a challenge. Most customers would not lend credibility to the claim, but the customer is in a difficult position...

Tech Tip 0174

Air Filter Restrictions Due to Snow and Water Related Conditions

Tech Tip #174

In previous articles we have cautioned on the importance of air filter maintenance on diesel applications to prevent catastrophic engine and turbocharger failures. This information is included in Tech Tips #110 Ford's Power Stroke, #124 Servicing Dodge's Turbo Diesel, and #139 Filtering GM's Duramax Diesel. Those articles...

Tech Tip 0173

Engine Noises: Tips for the Lube Service Technician

Tech Tip #173

The lube service technician often gets blamed for conditions that are beyond his control. While the symptom could involve an installation concern or the quality of the parts installed, it may be a condition inherited in the vehicle since production. When faced with a customer...

Tech Tip 0172

Diesel Exhaust Treatment: Taking the Mystery Out of Diesel Exhaust Regeneration

Tech Tip #172

Cleaning up the exhaust on a diesel application has been a challenge for the vehicle manufacturers. Much progress has been achieved with new fuelinjection technology and the addition of a three stage catalytic converter to control hydrocarbons (HC)...

Tech Tip 0171

Lube Service Tips: Identifying Inherent Problems

Tech Tip #171

Identifying problems that are inherent with a vehicle can  save your credibility with the vehicle owner and the shop some unnecessary expense. When servicing a vehicle, many times we get blamed for a condition that may have  been inherent...

Tech Tip 0170

Monitoring Tire Pressures: System Anomalies Can Promote Diagnostic Challenges

Tech Tip #170

Many vehicle owners are not aware that their vehicle is equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) until the horseshoe-shaped light with an exclamation point in the center is illuminated. At that point they panic and call their repair shop, where they are made aware of the on-board technology... 

Tech Tip 0169

Aerated Power Stroke: Dealing with Air in the Fuel System

Tech Tip #169

Aerated fuel can create some major performance problems for a diesel application and some difficult challenges for the technician.  While some fuel injector problems may be inherent in the system by design, many of the issues are the result of improper fuel filter installation procedures, or poor lube and filter service intervals... 

Tech Tip 0168

Aerated Duramax: Getting the Air Out of the Fuel System

Tech Tip #168

Imagine performing a fuel filter service on GM's Duramax 6.6L Turbo Diesel.  You just installed a new fuel filter and performed the proper priming procedure to bleed the air from the system...

Tech Tip 0167

Fast Lube Service: New Technology Poses New Challenges...Are You Prepared

Tech Tip #167

Today's lube service technician is faced with many challenges, which can exceed the responsibility of just making certain an oil filter is properly secured, the drain plug is tightened, and new lubricant has been installed.  Many find it hard to believe that performing a lube service could have an influence on the performance of the customer's vehicle, resulting in driveability issues, an illuminated Check Engine lamp, and stored trouble codes...

Tech Tip 0166

Diesel Service: It Can Be a Challenging Event

Tech Tip #166

Diesel applications often present some challenging opportunities for the technician.  Part of this challenge can be due to the technician being unfamiliar with the systems, as some shops do not get the opportunity to service that many diesel vehicles...

Tech Tip 0165

Lube Service Tips: Identifying Inherent Problems

Tech Tip #165

When examining an air filter, there is more to consider than the presence of a dirty filter.  The shop owner had just bragged about how thorough his lube service technicians were in performing vehicle inspections and making service recommendations...

Tech Tip 0164

Gasoline Direct Injection: Dealing with Intake Valve Deposits

Tech Tip #164

With the introduction of a new vehicle or powertrain, the vehicle manufacturers will log hundreds of thousands of test miles in an effort to identify any potential problem with a system, prior to the vehicle being put into production.  Considering that, it is difficult to understand why a system may experience a major unforeseen problem once the vehicle is placed into service...

Tech Tip 0163

Battery Facts: Troubleshooting Low Voltage and Electrical Interference Symptoms

Tech Tip #163

Are you up to speed on starting performance and electrical related concerns due to low battery voltage conditions?  With today's systems...

Tech Tip 0162

Service Solutions: For Some Common But Often Elusive Symptoms

Tech Tip #162

Rear axle differential service is the most commonly overlooked service by the vehicle owner and the technician.  It is out-of-sight and out-of-mind...

Tech Tip 0161

Elusive Driveline And Brake Related Symptoms

Tech Tip #161

Often, driveline or suspension related problems are misdiagnosed as brake related conditions.  The symptoms share many common characteristics that make it easy for the technician to miss the diagnosis, resulting in major expense to the customer and often lost labor hours for the shop...

Tech Tip 0160

Diesel Applications and Fuel Related Challenges

Tech Tip #160

When a fuel filter becomes restricted on a diesel application, the chances are great the system needs more than just a fuel filter replacement.  Many erratic or poor performance related symptoms are due to fuel quality related conditions. Often these symptoms result from corrosion or deposit formations in the fuel tank... 

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