Tire Service



Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

The TREAD Act, passed by Congress in 2000, mandates that certain vehicles be equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, or TPMS.  Today, it is estimated that over 65 million vehicles in the United States are equipped with TPMS. Take advantage of this growing opportunity by learning about Mighty's complete TPMS program.

Programming and Service Tools

Do you have the right tools for the job? Properly servicing Tire Pressure Monitoring System's requires specialized tools. Mighty has assembled the most complete TPMS tool program available in the market. Tools include advanced programming, relearn and diagnostic tools along with the necessary mechanical tools to remove and install transmitters.

Original Equipment TPMS Transmitters

TPMS transmitters are electronic devices mounted inside the tire that monitors tire pressure and transmits information to the vehicle's onboard computer. Original equipment suppliers manufacture over 150 different O.E. transmitters. Manufacturers include Beru, Continental / VDO, Lear, Pacific, Schrader International and TRW. Mighty features a complete offering of domestic, Asian and European applications.

Programmable TPMS Transmitters

Advancements in TPMS technology have brought programmable transmitters to the market. These transmitters are "blank" from the factory and require a shop programming tool to load specific vehicle applications to the transmitter. As few as two programmable part numbers provide 85% coverage in the market.

TPMS Transmitter Service Kits

When servicing tires on vehicles with aluminum valve stem mounted transmitters, it is recommended that the valves be serviced to avoid possible leakage and prevent future corrosion. Servicing an aluminum valve consists of replacing the valve grommet and washer, nut, valve core, and cap. Following these procedures reduces the risk of pressure loss, a leading cause of premature tire failure.